About Us

Lefa La Lethabo


Something For Everyone.

Who Are We?

Lefa La Lethabo Academy is an academy that specializes in teaching about property finance, and how to apply for a home loan finance, or build a good property investment portfolio.

What We Do?

We teach our students how to buy properties using the bank’s moneys. We teach how to interpret and understand the credit report, and how to improve individual's affordability as it influences your credit to getting your property finance approval.

Why Us?

Our tutors are well experienced and have assisted many people in their property investment journey.

At Lefa La Lethabo Academy, your success, is our success, we therefore make sure that you have the right knowledge, the 1st time around.

There are two educations:

One should teach us how to make a living,

and another, how to live.

We offer both!

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