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Lefa La Lethabo Academy offers various learning options for your tailored individual needs to suite your schedule.

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Our workshops are very practical, we share with our clients different strategies, implementation processes and we equip them with knowledge they require most.

One on One Coaching

One-on-one sessions: This is where we hold you by hand from where you are until implementation. The program runs for a period of 12 weeks with practical implementations in between.

Group of 5 Coaching

A group of 5 option offers a very great deal in a sense that your exposure will expand from other's experience, and this offer is discounted from the price of One-on-One.

Online Seminars

We host online seminars from time to time on a monthly basis. This is where we offer a free Property Finance Q&A platform to our clients. We share our inside on the subject of property financing and take all general questions about property.

The beginning of every wealth,

starts with the knowledge in you.

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